S&S Spill Control

Supplier of spill control systems

What we do

We supply and Manufacture Sump Pallets for Drums and IBC’s

We have an enormous and all-encompassing range of spill pallets and sump cabinets for the storage of all kinds of small containers and drums through to multiple IBC’s.

We stock plastic and steel sump pallets suitable for indoor use, or alternatively we can supply many different types of sump cabinets suitable for outdoor use.

We supply Absorbents for Spill Control

We stock all manner of absorbent cloths and granules suitable for soaking up spills of most types of hazardous liquids. The absorbent mats are available in 3 thickness and have associated dispensers and spill kits to suit.

We supply Storage Containers for Waste Products

We supply a good range of high quality options for the storage of waste products. Many waste items can be difficult and hazardous to store while waiting for disposal, so we have some very tailored solutions for many storage and handling applications.

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