Multipurpose Container 2m² with Sump: MCO912Z Z/DM/MCO912Z

Multipurpose out door storage Container 2m² with Containment Sump
Multipurpose out door storage Container 2m² with Containment SumpMultipurpose outdoor storage Container 2m² with Containment Sump with grid shelvesMultipurpose outdoor storage Container 2m² with Containment Sump overpainted galvanized
£ 3,836.00 each

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Outdoor Multipurpose Safety Cabinets

This range of containers are ideal for storing polluting and flammable substances kept in containers of different sizes as they have an integrated collection sump.

Constructed of strong galvanized steel this cabinet model is the most compact within our range as it occupies only about 2 m2 with a storage volume of 300 litres.

The cabinets are available with a galvanized or galvanized and overpainted (in blue) finish.

We also sell explosion proof variations on the basic cabinet that are suitable for storing flammable liquids. These models feature an explosion proof ventilation and earth system. The ventilation systems are supplied with a main switch fitted and wired on the outside of the cabinet.

Note that the models pictured feature the cabinets fitted with three shelves for storing small containers. These are sold seperately.

Key features of the cabinet include:

  • Outer covering in galvanized and corrugated sheet metal
  • Large collection sump with removable galvanized grille - 300 litres
  • Optional galvanized shelves give flexible storage options
  • Double doors with lock and key
  • The interior walls have a 500mm splash guard
  • Can be transported by forklift of sufficient capacity with forklift extensions
  • The collection tank conforms to the highest level of certification and is supplied with a warning panel and indentification plate fitted to the sump.
  • Supplied assembled

We have many options that can be added to this flexible cabinet. We can supply shelves for storing small containers. We can fit internal electric lights to provide illumination. For safety we can fit an external fire extinguisher housing. For easy access we have a sturdy galvanized steel ramp 1000x960x280mm.

We can also fit optional air inlet ventilation grilles for storing flammable substances with the transit area being equivalent to one thirtieth of the layout surface. These help prevent dangerous accumulations of flammable vapours within the cabinet.

If you require any additional information or technical details regarding this product please contact us as our staff are at your full disposal.

Delivery is FREE to mainland UK, excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands. Please call for a delivery price to these regions. Prices do not include VAT. Products not in stock have a 4 week lead time.

Each containment spill pallet is subjected to non-destructive testing to ensure the basin is watertight in case of spills in accordance with UNI ISO 3834-3: 2006. This process is applied according to the following standards.

  • UN EN ISO 9712: 2012 Non-destructive testing Qualification and certification of personnel involved in non-destructive testing
  • UNI ISO 3452-1: 2013 Non-destructive testing Penetrating liquids examination - Part 1 General principles
  • UNI EN 13018: 2004 Non-destructive testing Visual inspection - General principles
  • UNI EN ISO 23277: 2010 Non-destructive welding test Welding test using penetrating liquids - Levels of acceptability
  • UNI EN ISO 5817: 2014 Welding Welded joints for cast steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys excluding energy beam welding - Quality imperfection levels
Flammable Symbol pollution symbol Suitable for outdoors
picture of cabinet shelf
Optional Shelves
picture of fire extinguisher housing
Optional Extinguisher Housing
picture of cabinet electric light
Optional Electric Light
picture of air extraction fan
Fan on Explosion Proof Models
safety cabinet dimensions
Safety Cabinet
ProductFinishExt Dims mmInt Dims mmExplosion Proof
MCO912Z Galvanized 2350x1150x2365 2140x940x2000 No
MCO912ZB Overpainted 2350x1150x2365 2140x940x2000 No
MCO912ADZ Galvanized 2525x1150x2365 2140x940x2000 Yes
MCO912ADZB Overpainted 2525x1150x2365 2140x940x2000 Yes
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