Spill Control


You are responsible for preventing your business or organisation from causing or allowing pollution. If it happens you may be committing a criminal offence as well as being responsible for the clean up costs.

Spill control concerns the emergency containment and then clean up of spilt polluting substances. Ranging from sinking oil tankers to overturned barrels and leaking machinery and pipes. In the work place spill control equipment is used to contain and clean up any spillage and protect the environment.

Working in accordance with your safety management systems and plans our wide range of products allow you to prevent, limit or reduce damage to the environment and risk to public health from a spill.

At S&S Spill Control we supply containment booms, absorbents (general, oil and chemical) and granules as well as complete spill control response kits. We have all you need to deal efficiently and effectively with all the types of spills which may happen.

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