Insulated Storage Cabinets

This is the S&S Spill Control range of thermally insulated containers for the outside storage of IBCs, drums and small containers of polluting, flammable or corrosive substances.

picture of insulated containers

Although some of our range of outside storage containers have optional insulation features these containers are specially designed with thermal regulation in mind. We have many options that can be added to customise the containers to your needs from electric heaters to air conditioning units. Contact us with your requirements.

As well as protecting against thermal shocks, in cold weather insulated containers can help maintain a minimum temperature inside the cabinet and thus reduce the viscosity of stored substances. In hot weather they can help prevent dangerous heat build up.

The outside storage of polluting and flammable substances is not only a safety consideration but also governed by Health and Safety Executive regulations. Outside Storage of such substances is required to have secondary containment in place.

Our high quality external storage cabinets provide protection against weathering, unauthorised access and protection against accidental spills and leaks.

All our sump pallets and bunded tanks are fully watertight, tested, and in accordance with all current legislation.

As well as insulated containers we supply a range of heating jackets for IBCs and drums that maintain the stored substances temperature and reduce viscosity.

All of our sump containers are high quality. From design to implementation every detail is subjected to rigorous quality controls. All structural elements are subject to audits and continuous improvements to offer customers the ultimate in reliability, safety and matching with current regulations. When it comes to safety, choose the right partner.

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