Our range of spill absorbent pads, rolls, socks and pillows are an immediate solution to leak, spill or overflow occurances that would otherwise contaminate the workplace or environment.

Within a production environment many workers are unprepared for such a circumstance. Thanks to our range of aborbent products suitable for every kind of need it is possible to intervene quickly and efficiently.

Additionaly, this range contains wet wipes for an array of industries. Including wet wipes for windows and glass, or doubl e sided 'rough and smooth' wet wipes for best use.

picture of S&S spill control range of absorbants

The use of unsuitable materials such as rags, sawdust, paper etc. is certainly not comparable to these professional products which help create a cleaner and safer workplace and help you meet environmental compliance.

In the case of spillage and before taking action you must first determine the type and dangers associated with the liquid you will be trying to absorb. Once identified you must then proceed using the product which is most suitable for the purpose.

At S&S Spill Control we supply specific and high absorbant products specifically designed to clean up and dispose of oil, chemical and general liquid spills.

General Absorbents
General, universal or maintenance absorbents are generally a dark grey or black in colour. Suitable for all fluid spills including water based fluids, oils, and non aggressive chemicals. Ideal for use in industrial situations where many different liquids are present at the same time.
Oil Only Absorbents
Oil only absorbants are always in a white colour for easy recognition and dedicated to resolving oil spills (including lubricants, fuels and vegetable oil). The absorbed oil can be clearly seen on the white surface which draws attention to machine leaks and clearly shows saturation level during spill response. Oil only absobents do not absorb water making them ideal for use outdoors when water and oil should be separated. They are also buoyant in water even when fully oil saturated allowing easy collection and disposal.
Chemical Absorbants
Always in yellow colour for easy recognition and to caution users that once used the product must be handled in full PPE clothing and disposed of in an approved manner. Suitable for aggressive chemicals such as acids, kerosene and detergents. Ideal for use in laboratories and chemical plants they are also suitable for water based fluids.

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