Marine Floating Containment

Marine containment booms are designed to contain water based oil spills and prevent them from pollution the environment. They can be used in the sea, rivers, lakes, almost anywhere with water! Some types of marine boom suit certain needs more than others. PLease read more to take a more in depth look at the types of marine floating booms on sale to see which best fits your need.

Fence Marine Boom

Different Models of Flotation Booms

Fence Boom

The marine floating fence boom comes in two standard sizes. The boom is lightweight and easy to use, which in turn makes them ideal for deploying from a reel. They take up very little space, which can come in handy when storage space is tight, or they need to be transported.

Fence Marine Boom
Permanent Boom

These permanant marine booms are designed not to be moved or transported and they require a minimal ammount of maintenance. This model of marine floating boom is very heavy duty and is capable of withstanding long term deployment and the arduous conditions of permanent installations.

Permanent Marine Boom
Curtain Boom

Ideal for containing oil in sheltered waters and gentle seas. Curtain booms have a high boyancy to weight ratio and a very good response to wave action, making them useful on inland or sheltered water such as harbours. In addition to this, these marine curtain floating booms have excellent UV and chemical resistance, so acids, alkalis, solvents or hydrocarbons arent a problem.

Silt Booms

Silt booms contains sediment or silt. These floating booms are very handy when dreding river banks and excavating waters. These marine booms are key when trying to prevent the silt contamination of waterways caused by manmade or natural erosion. They are fast to assemble and deploy increasing the usability of the product. A marine silt boom is best used for inland and sheltered waters.

Absorbent Booms with PVC Skirts

Having a marine boom that is also capable of absorbing contamination liquids is innovative and time efficient as well as being cost effective. By deploying this absorbent boom with the absorbent facing the spill, you can contain and absorb it at the same time. However, this containment boom gets better. Not only can you choose to absob the spills, if you place the floating marine boom with the absorbent side facing away then what is being contained doesnt have to be absorbed.

Absorbent Marine Boom
Air Booms

The floating air boom is compact and effective for when storage space is an issue. Its quick to deploy which is ideal in the event of an emergency. This marine boom is often deployed from response vessels, where the use of a foam filled boom would be too bulky. The reduced volume of an air boom also makes it easier to transport from location to location. They are ideal for open waters where the high boyancyto weight ratio assists the performance in the waves. This marine flaoting air boom also is very resistant to UV light and chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solvents and hydrochemicals.

Floating Marine Air Boom
Boom Requirement Dependant on Water Speed

The below table demonstrates which length of boom is best required to suit the needs of the water in which its going in. Making sure the marine flotation boom is sufficient for its purpouse is key in making sure spills are properly contained.

 Current Speed in Knots Boom to Bank Angle  Length of Boom Compared to Width of River
 0.7  90°  1 times
 1  45°  1.4 times
 1.5  30°  2 times
 2  20°  3 times
 2.5  16°  3.5 times
 3  15°  4.3 times
 3.5  11°  5 times
4 10° 5.7 times
4.5 7 times

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