Taps, Vents and Anti Static Wires


Safety Taps

These safety taps incorporate an internal flame arrester which prevents flashback of fire into the drum. Brass construction with a (PTFE) polytetrafluoroethylene seal assures a leak proof operation.

The adjustable versions screw tightly into the drum and can then be adjusted to the dispensing position required with the spout downwards without damaging the thread or leakage. For trouble free dispensing of viscous non corrosive flammables such as adhesives, paint or heavy oils above 30w, use the viscous gate valve model 08552.

Safety Drum Vents

These Factory Mutual approved vents have an operating valve that opens at 0.35 bar internal pressure in normal service for automatic pressure relief. Vacuum relief is either manual or automatic dependent on the model and permits 15ltr or more per minute to flow through a standard 19mm tap. All the vents have flame arrester for added safety as standard.

Anti Static Wires

Reduce the risk of fire from static electricity generated by the movement and flow of flammable liquids. By bonding between containers during liquid transfer and connecting drums to an earth you will greatly reduce the risk of a fire.

Flammable Symbol environment symbol corrosive symbol

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