Drip & Spill Trays

This is our range of drip trays made from both polyethylene and galvanized steel, Most applications storing and pouring drums, bottles and small containers of fluid can result in spills and drips.

picture of Polythene and steel drip tray and small container range

Our large range of drip trays offer a low cost solution to most applications and in most environments. We offer polythene drip trays with a range with deck grids or a simple tray range. We also have a choice of drip trays moulded from recycled polyethylene offering a small saving and helding the environmemt.

All our polythene drip trays with grid decks are generally in stock and available with free delivery on a 3 day service. The steel small containers are made to order and typically 5 to 6 week lead time - sorry!

Please check out our range of drip trays which is spread over 4 distinct categories. If you need any further information or anything, please contact us.

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