Safety Storage Cabinets

When working with and storing corrosive and flammable liquids, its important to store them safely, and use them safely. In this section we offer a range of products to help with this. These include safety storage cabinets and storage cans and containers for liquids.

With a wide range of sizes and purposes to meet almsot any need, these flammable, acid and alkali and agrochemical safety cabinets offer solutions to many safe storage needs. Some cabinets come with liquid tight sumps and adjustable shelving for customisation. All models currently comply with UK legislation.

Types of Cabinet Sold

  • Flammable Safety Cabinets
  • Acid and Alkali Cabinets
  • Pesticide and Agrochemical Cabinets

A range of products are available to suit a variety of needs. Including agricultural safety products and storage safety cabinets pesticides, among many others. Cabinets can be fire resistant for up to 90 minutes. The cans and containers in this category are designed to with stand heat and not explode in the event of a fire.

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