Flammable & Liquid Safety Products

This product range offers high quality, reliable safety solutions for flammable and potentially harmful liquids and chemicals. With a wide variety of specific purposes, these safety storage solutions could solve your problems. Wether its fire resistant storage, acidic chemcial storage or pestecide storage, we hope you can find a viable solution here.


Its reccomended by the HSE that no more than 50ltr of extremely flammable liquid or highly flammable liquids are stored in safety cabinets. And no more than 250ltr of other flammable liquids.


In the event of an incident, the main aim is too ensure everyone can safely escape the working area. To help this, its vital to store all types of flammable and corrosive liquids safely.


The limits to the volume of contents stored can have some flexibility. However the need for the extra storage of contents has to be proven, and a risk assesment should be carried out and consulted upon.


The safe storage of flammable liquids in the workplace requires careful consideration. The DangerousSubstances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) require risks from storing dangerous chemicals inside to be controlled by limiting quantity of such substances to a minimum, and having contingencys in place in the event of an incident.

The Fire Triangle

There are 3 elements required for a fire to start. Heat-Oxygen-Fuel

Heat can be any ignition source which generates heat, such as a mechanicalspark, static electricity, lit match or cigerette.

Oxygen and Fuel are all around us. Both are controlled by leak tight lids with sealing gaskets that ensure fire cant get in and flammable vapours cant get out.

What are Flammable Liquids

Generically speaking, a flammable liquid has a flash point of 22°C to 55°C. The three main categories are flammable, highly flammable and extremely flammable.

Highly Flammable Liquids

These are liquids has a flash point lower than 21°C but are not classed as extremely flammable.

Extremely Flammable Liquids

GExtremely flammable liquids have a flash point lower than 0°C and a boiling point lower than or equal to 35°C.

When working with and storing corrosive and flammable liquids, its important to store them safely, and use them safely. In this section we offer a range of products to help with this. These include safety storage cabinets and storage cans and containers for liquids.

A range of products are available to suit a variety of needs. Including agricultural safety products and storage safety cabinets pesticides, among many others. Cabinets can be fire resistant for up to 90 minutes. The cans and containers in this category are designed to with stand heat and not explode in the event of a fire.

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