Bunded Sump Flooring For Spill Control

picture of bunded sump flooring

Bunded sump flooring acts as a secondary containment system preventing damage to the floor and environment in the case of accidental spills.

S&S Spill Control supply modular bunded spill flooring systems which can be built to your requirements and which will protect your environment, your floor and also minimize slips for your workforce.

We have a plastic, actually polyethylene bunded flooring system which is modular and allows you to create a bunded floor to suit your application. This modular spill floor can be temporary or permanent and will help to contain spills and leaks during transfer, maintenance and cleaning activities.

The plastic work floor pallet range is completed with joining strips to join the bunded pallets together and ramps. Racks and trays can then be added to suit your spill control application.

A more heavy duty option for a bunded spill floor is our steel bunded flooring which is even capable of taking a forklift truck. This modular spill flooring can be permanent or temporary and can be laid out to suit your environment.

The spill containment flooring systems are suitable for the containment of toxic, hazardous and flammable substances and are conforming to European Standards. The steel spillage decking is not suitable for corrosive acids and alkalis, check your product data sheet.

The impressive load capacity of the steel sump flooring is 5000kg/sqm, which equates to 2000kg per forklift wheel—phew!

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