Marine Floating Boom Z/CN/SI6187

marine floating boom
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Marine Floating Boom

PVC marine floating oil spill boom, suitable for containment of oil and debris. The fence booms can be joined together to form larger containment curtains. The flotation boom has a ballast chain along the bottom edge to maintain full draft to contain oil spills and rubbish.

PVC spill containment boom is an economical and straight forward way to control spilt oil and debris on water. It is rugged and long lasting for extensive use on water. Perfect for ponds, lakes, rivers, in a marina or an oil rig.

This floating boom has chain along it's bottom edge inside the PVC acting as weight so it floats vertically and evenly on the water ensuring no contained spill or debris can escape. The boom has good resistance to wave action, its very easy to deploy in the water and easy to clean and maintain to a high standard.

This product is sold with the plastic pallet box included, which makes for easy storage and convenience. Delivery is included to mainland UK.

Boom O/A Length20 m
Freeboard (Height Above Water)260 mm
Draft (Depth Below Water Level)390 mm
Overall Height 650 mm
Tension Strength 30 kn
Product Weight 75 kg
Operational Limits
Wave height 0.5m
Wind Speed10 m/s
Current Speed1.5 kn

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