83ltr Dipping Tank Z/EM/27220

83ltr Dipping Tank
£ 1,201.00 each

83ltr Dipping Tank

A 83ltr dipping tank, this tank is galvanised and has a powder paint finish.

This is a standing tank, it is ideal for large components or whole units, with it's self closing lid to help reduce evapouration and to contain any potential fires.

Additional parts for this dipping tank are the basket (27005) amd a sediment screen (27006).

This can is supplied and fitted with Brass Control Flow tap:

  - The tap incorporates and internal flame arrester which prevents flashback of fire into the can
  - Brass construction with polythtrafluoroethylene seal  to ensure a leak proof operation
  - For ease of dispensing non corrosive flammables.


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corrosive symbol hazardous symbol
Rinse Tank Information
27220 895x406x305mm 35kg 83 L

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