Polyethylene Racking bund Z/R/RB1&GRID

Polyethylene Rack bund for barrels and drums
Polyethylene Rack bund for barrels and drumsRacking Bund DiagramPolyethylene Rack bund for barrels and drums RB1Pair of Polyethylene Rack bund for barrels and drumsPolyethylene Rack bund for barrels and drums without grid
£ 235.00 each

Polyethylene Racking bund for barrels and drums

This useful sump bund sits on standard racking beams allow storage of drums. The smooth deck grid can have the drums sit on directly or on a pallet. The plastic deck grid simply lifts out to allow easy cleaning of the sump after any drips or spills. The racking bund has a sump capacity of 220 litres making it suitable for the storage of full size 205 litre drums. The rotational molding manufacturing process uses virgin polythene granules which results in a durable and tough racking sump tray.

As standard, this racking sump bund comes with the lift out deck grid. If you wish to purchase only the yellow sump without grid, please contact us - (Sump only is RB1, grid only is RBGRID)

If you require any additional information or technical details regarding this product please contact us as our staff are at your full disposal.

Delivery is FREE to mainland UK, excluding Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and Islands. Please call for a delivery price to these regions. Prices do not include VAT. 

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Polyethylene Racking Sump Bund
ProductDimensions in mmVolumeWeight
RB1 1310x1310x245mm 220 L 31kg
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