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General Purpose Spill Absorbent Boom

Supplied in packs of 4, these 3m universal or maintenance absorbent land booms are filled with super absorbent polypropylene fibre. Universal sorbent booms are a must have emergency response product wherever large containers of oil or fuel are used and stored.

An absorbent spill boom is used as a barrier for containment during a spill. Ideal for placing around the base of leaky machinery or used as a containment dam around a spill puddle. The general purpose absorbent boom is suitable for all fluid spills including water based fluids, oils, and non aggressive chemicals.

Features of the universal absorbent boom include:

  • Manufactured from meltblown polypropylene
  • Super absorbent fine fibres allow the boom to quickly soak up liquids
  • Strong external covering which comes with end rings, snaps, and rope
  • The inside packing will not come out if torn or cut
  • Extra thickness and length absorb and hold back larger pools of liquid
  • Suitable for most common industrial liquids including oils, coolant and solvent based spills

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Universal Absorbent Boom
Model JH043
Name Universal Absorbent Boom
Type All liquid Absorbants
Material Meltblown Polypropylene
Length 3000 mm
Diameter 12.7 cm
Packing 4 per Carton
Weight 8 Kg per Carton
Absorption >130 L Carton
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